For some reason, a reader wanted to publish this in English, so I thought – why not translate it myself. If nothing else, it’s a good English practice… Anyway, this has previously been published in Swedish (article named Gud).

It might mark the beginning of posts in English, or it might be a one shot. But, here it is – my take on God.

Let’s get one thing clear. I believe in the philosophy of Jesus Christ, his love message appeals to me. I also believe in Plura (Swedish musician), Buddha, Winnie the Poh and Cookie Monster. But, also Abraham Lincoln who said:

It’s not the years in your life that counts, but the life in your years

Well said, because it really doesn’t matter who said it, the important thing is to act in a good way. My belief is that God equals the sum of our good deeds and thougths. And,  the Devil is the sum of our darkness.

When your lover’s lips play along paths only they are allowed to enter. An old couple walking hand in hand. A smiling child. The comfort given to the owner of a scratched knee. Hot chocolate in the snow. Walking through a rain that rains from everywhere, just because someone needs you. A freckled girl selling flowers to support disadvantaged kids. All that contributes towards a better world.

Just as evil lurks within ourselves and destroys whenever let out.

To me, the future is unwritten, an empty sheet. We might create a beautiful story, or fill the sheet with destructive hatred. We are God in that respect. We decide, then again we always have. This is my belief and I refuse to let anyone say that I am wrong. But, I won’t say that I am right. You are entitled to your own beliefs.

To me, Doctors without borders are as beautiful as the band aids of a missionary. Flowers brought to your door can bring a message as important as that of a priest. Is a preacher better than the altruist, or is there no difference? I think that we, sometimes, label things so that we don’t see what matters – goodness.

To me, the girl who says that I am all right, after I have had a crap week, is God. Her words are all that matters. Yes, consolation is found in the bible, but just as well in a text message from a beautiful heart.

Everything means something. A good tune on Spotify can heal as much as the reverend’s words. Goodness isn’t graded and above all – no organisation can claim that particular word or say that any other interpretation of it is wrong. If you say that you speak the truth, you are infact the biggest liar.

Infact, God as an entity is easier to grasp than the false authoritities acting in his name.

Now, a lot of good is done in his name. I love those whose hearts make them able to see the lonely while shuting their eyes to our shortcomings. Sadly, a lot of shit is spoken in the name of God by those who willingly misinterpret, twist and make religion ugly just to fulfil their need for power or because they are simply small.

They claim a right, that is never right, and destroys what is – in theory – wonderfully nice.

To me, it is never God’s will to attack that country, that is always said by little people. My version of God will never pad someone’s back and say bravo just as grenades blows up a school and kill girls and boys before they know their A-Z.

And, while my God might be the father of a man that always welcome children, he is never the God of love if he can’t see the beauty of love if shown by two women or men looking at each other.

As long as a church  pays for silence to avoid charges regarding paedophiles or says that condoms spread AIDS, I can’t see their talk about love and goodness as anything else than that of false prophets.

It’s a sin, in more ways than one, that a wonderful opportunity is soiled by little people.

So, did God create Earth? Yes, I think we create and change Earth with every action we take. Was the planet created by a higher being? I don’t know, and it doesn’t matter. We create tomorrow, we are almighty when it comes to that.

So, when we die, what happens? Do we have a soul? I think so, and I think we will meet our lost loved ones. I might be wrong, but hey – I won’t discover it, will I?

Nuff said. I am off to bed, then a run in the beautiful forests of Göteborg, and some more writing.

Finally – my criticism of the church is not based on the fact that I was expelled from Sunday Schooldue to extensive swearing or my threat to leave the children’s choir if I was not allowed to sing solo.

Finally, yet again – if we are to talk football (no, it’s not called soccer), there is an absolute God. His name is Torbjörn Nilsson.